There are millions of people using the Web, but also remember that the number of web sites is growing at a tremendous rate. You don’t want your home page to be a “needle in a haystack”! Therefore, I recommend that you use two approaches. First, try some non-Internet advertising (for the purposes of your particular business, you probably know more about that than I do). Second, you should notify various sites on the Internet about your home page. Of course, I will assist you with the second part. For a reasonable fee, I will enter your URL and all appropriate business information in at least the following 31 sites, which include search engines, online directories, and internet malls:

  1. AltaVista: Main Page
  2. Apollo Advertising
  3. BizWeb Home Page
  4. COMFIND Business Search
  5. Commercial Sites Index
  6. Excite Home
  7. GTE SuperPages(sm): Interactive Yellow Pages
  8. HotBot
  9. Infoseek
  10. Infoseek Ultra
  11. LinkStar, Innovative Technology for the Internet
  12. Lycos, Inc. Home Page
  14. METROSCOPE: Home
  15. NCSA What’s New and WIC Submission Form
  16. Nerd World Media – Add Link
  17. Starting Point
  18. The Internet Mall ™
  19. The Open Text Index
  20. TradeWave Galaxy
  21. WebCrawler Searching
  22. Welcome to BigBook
  23. Welcome To InfoSpace
  24. Welcome to Magellan!
  25. What’s New on the Internet ™
  26. What’s New Too!
  27. World Wide Web Yellow Pages
  28. World Wide Yellow Pages
  29. Yahoo!
  30. Yellow Pages Online, Inc. – Business Directory
  31. ___WebDirect! tm Search Engine___

Our Hosting Services

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Yes Virginia, there really are distinctly different kinds of web site hosting! All web site hosting is not the same! Basically, there are three kinds of web site hosting:

  • True Virtual Hosting
  • Non-Virtual Hosting
  • Faux Virtual Hosting

What on earth does all this mean? The bottom line is that with true virtual hosting, your URL (Uniform Resource Locator or Universal Resource Locator, i.e., the address of your web site) is simple and easy for people to remember, but with non-virtual hosting or faux virtual hosting, your URL won’t be very clean. Yes, as is almost always true of higher quality service, true virtual hosting usually costs a little more than non-virtual or faux virtual hosting, but I strongly recommend that you use true virtual hosting. Suppose that you have a business that sells tennis rackets. With true virtual hosting, your URL might be simple: http://www.rackets-r-us.com/. However, with non-virtual hosting, the name becomes much more complex (and much less centered around your business) because the company storing your site on their server will be mentioned in the URL. For example:http://www.your provider.com/rackets-r-us.html. Faux virtual hosting does a little better, and in that case the name might be: http://www.rackets-r-us.com/rackets. Still, the best choice by far is with true virtual hosting, which again would give a URL like: http://www.rackets-r-us.com/. I can upload your home page to whatever provider you wish, but I have located an Internet Service Provider that provides true virtual hosting for a reasonable rate which I strongly recommend. Kaleidoscope’s web site is currently being hosted by this particular ISP. When I meet with you, I will thoroughly review my fees, the cost of virtual hosting, and the InterNIC fees for your domain name.

About Me

Yes I will and yes it does! My name is Frank Feldmann. My background is rather unusual, since I wasn’t always involved in graphic arts and the Internet. In fact, I obtained a BS in chemistry from the Johns Hopkins University and MS and PhD degrees in chemistry from the University of Houston. I have performed chemical research and lectured in chemistry at a number of universities, including Adelphi University, Polytechnic University (formerly Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn), S.U.N.Y.-Farmingdale, Molloy College, and the New York Institute of Technology. I currently reside on Long Island in the State of New York. In recent years, for many reasons, I have become heavily involved with Macintosh hardware/software. Besides Johns Hopkins and the University of Houston. I also attended the Association of Graphic Communications (formerly the Association of Graphic Arts) in New York City, where I obtained a Certificate of Achievement in Desktop Publishing and passed their DTP Certification Examination. One of my favorite activities is the monthly meeting of the Long Island Macintosh Users Group. Please check out this interesting and useful site, which has many interesting links. My business address is:

Kaleidoscope Desktop Services
ATTN: Frank Feldmann
PO Box 1200
Bellmore, NY 11710
Tel: (516) 826-9085

Of course, you may wish to contact me via e-mail. I have addresses at America On Line and Netcom: